Sunday, May 8, 2011

Whew ~ That was a lot of shopping!

WOWIE! I have to tell you guys - I'm glad it's over. I really am. It's like Christmas. I can't wait until it gets here then the second it's over I'm packing up the tree, taking all the decorations down. It's like ok, I'm done - let's move on. I'm exhausted from trying to keep track of what shop had what sales going on and for what days and what times. UGH - I saw stores that had giant project management sheets of what event was when!

If I tried to post everything I bought I'd be here for 3 weeks. Seriously. I'm NOT kidding and it's not because I don't know how to post that stuff. I'll be honest with you - I have no idea what the heck I bought!! OK, there it is, out in the open. I don't know. I have no flipping idea. I would have to print a ream of account history from Paypal to tell you. I was just buying and buying! I wouldn't even be able to tell you what I bought because I have no idea what I bought. In fact, tonight I did a LO for one of my CTs and I used a kit I bought when I first started!! Now, you would think that if I bought a crap load of new kits I'd use one of those. No. Not me. Can't make heads or tails of the downloads folder. Oh well.

Maybe I should have asked for a professional organizer for Mother's Day. I'd sit her in front of my PC and put that chick to work.

Oh so back to my LO - OMG, who needed a new kit??? Not this girl!! It came out FABULOUS - might be my favorite so far but I can't show you because it's a template from the most awesomest Cintia Tavares (OMG - *LOVE* *LOVE* *LOVE* her templates!!!) and it's not coming out until this week so you'll have to wait until the 13th for me to show you but I will warn all you "super cool template loving girls" out there right now - get your PayPal passwords ready bc Cintia rocked this new set!!! Perfect for scrapping the summer parties coming!!!!

Stay tuned and you'll see for yourself that I'm no trash talker ;)

So what did you buy?? I want to torture myself seeing your lists of things you bought so I can be annoyed that I didn't buy that too so please torture me and let me know ;)

Oh wait - OMG!! I think I bought some blog wear at After 5!! Crap, God only knows when I'll find that ....


  1. Hi Suzy, I learned awhile ago. Buy and Zip And File, all folders are organized by designer name. Bingo Easy Peasy. I've heard of ladies finding folders a year later that they realized they never un-zipped. YIKES! Find a system that works for you. But this is what works for me.

    Have fun going threw what you did buy!

  2. I wanted to buy almost everything via the front ...... hehehe ........ I bought a lot of Lilypad and that my store of choice currently. Also spent in OScraps, Catscrap and Sweet Shop.
    For me, every month, would have a iNSD!! rs Thanks for the love!

    I organized my folders for shop mas it's complicated because some designers change of the shop....

    Arggg...I have millions of kits that I bought a long time ago and never used.